Sandro da Silva

Sandro Da Silva, Rotterdam

Sandro Da Silva, Rotterdam

Life is a gift. It would be a pity to look back at my life and realise that I have wasted it.

It starts with the why

Growing, learning, developing and making a difference is my why, what makes me tick, what gives me satisfaction and signals that I am on the right track. Both for me as an individual and for the other people I have the privilege to meet and work with.

I am at my best when my actions manifest my purpose, and in my work with people around the world I have seen that the same applies to them. The context and challenges of a senior leader in a global organisation may be different than that of a graduate student trying to find his way in life. However, this alignment with our inner compass is what seems to foster success and make us thrive.

It blossoms when we meet

I offer my clients a relationship built on trust, respect, commitment, reflection, transparency, autonomy, shared responsibility and participative decision-making. Experience has shown me this particular relationship has its advantages. Firstly, it fosters the awareness of their personal and organisational purpose of their meaning in life and at work. Secondly, it enables them to unleash their potential, talents and abilities. And finally, it encourages them to become agents of change, by deliberately taking action to improve and transform themselves and those around them.

It grows when we share

But maybe the most beautiful and gratifying of all is that once clients have experienced this relationship, they emulate it at home and at work, creating a ripple effect and distributing trust, engagement, democracy, innovation and personal leadership around their families, organisations and communities.

Qualifications and affiliations

I am a faculty member at the University of Rotterdam Business School and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). I am currently completing my dissertation for an MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business School.

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City scape full sizeI can easily come up with an excuse to jump on a plane, cross the channel and head to London. Like São Paulo, where I lived most of my life, London gives me energy and makes me feel more alive. I enjoy the speed of the city and its edginess. I love the restaurants and hotels, and always feel very welcome by the friendly Londoners. Could I live there? You needn’t ask me twice.