Sheri Spencer

I’m a business coach specializing in developing people to uncover, and capitalize on, the opportunities to fulfill their aspirations, potential, and satisfaction in their work lives.

As a coach, my only agenda is to help you achieve and sustain what you most deeply desire, so that you grow from good to great.

For more than twenty years I was a very successful senior manager in financial services, leading large global high performing teams. Today, coaching allows me to really focus on you without any corporate agenda or constraints.

Our coaching partnership will connect your inner purpose and passion with your outer goals and strategies.  This approach brings about extraordinary, ongoing and permanent results.

My coaching approach is an individual one, based on a proven set of tools and techniques, to help you to successfully identify, create and act on a multitude of opportunities to attain what you really want.  The only requirement is the willingness to challenge your today, so that your hoped-for future becomes a reality.

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