Moyra Mackie

Moyra Mackie, London

Moyra Mackie, London

I help individuals and organisations to do things differently – to challenge traditional ways of acting and thinking to get to greater motivation  and engagement and improved performance.

Trust is the key

I believe the secret to efficient organisations lies in reducing FEAR and increasing TRUST;  in improved leadership and open, constructive conversations.

I believe that people turn up to work wanting to do a good job.  I don’t believe many people get up in the morning and say to themselves: “I’m going to be a bad manager and a difficult colleague today”.

But I do acknowledge that many people consider that they work for a bad manager or with a difficult colleague.

I help you to solve the disconnect between intention, action and reaction

After more than fifteen years as a coach, trainer and consultant, I believe it is not the big stuff – the expensive restructurings – that make a real difference. It’s the small everyday decisions we make, recognition we give, passion we display, that lead to noticeable and lasting change.

And my clients will tell you that I can help you to improve your decision making, change your habits regarding feedback and motivation, and boost your passion for what you do.

Learning and change are constants in our lives

Yes, it’s obvious that I love what I do.  But I also love what you do too. And neither of us has reached our full potential yet.

I encourage my clients to look to science to help inform their decisions and learning.  Not the science of accounting, but the science of psychology.

My passion is to connect managers with the science of what makes all of us tick

Because if we followed the century of evidence we have to hand, there would be many more masters of motivation and leaders of high performing teams.

So whether you are looking to develop individual leadership and management skills, build a trustful team or plan and implement a major change management program, I can offer support, challenge and expertise.

Qualifications and affiliations

I am an Ashridge Accredited Coach, certified to EMCC Master Practitioner level.  I also hold an MSc in Executive Coaching.

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Moyra MackieThis photo was taken in Hwange National Park when I was facilitating Campfire Conversations.  Zimbabwe is where I was born and spent my childhood.  Despite what you may read in the news, it’s safe to visit and is a country of welcoming people, spectacular scenery and unforgettable experiences.