Duncan Foster

I live a triple life. Professional actor, business trainer and active participant in third world volunteer work.

What all three lives teach me is that the issues are basically the same

A brilliant, smart banker boring the pants of his audience in a presentation. An Australian line manager in Singapore feeling helpless, unaware of what’s going on in the minds of his local team.  A team member seething and furious with everyone else in her team, when they’ve all gone home and she’s left to work on a project.

These are the people I can help.

I can help them see what’s going inside them, and what’s going on in those around them.

Then using the actor’s intuitive eye, I can create realistic and stimulating exercises to practice and move forward.

We actors always will tell anyone who will listen – “it’s not about pretending to be someone else – it’s about knowing ourselves. And others”.

Our skill is to learn to know ourselves

How our minds and bodies work, what blocks us, what fear does to us.

And knowing others – how do others perceive us? How can we make them see us differently? What’s going on inside them that I can work with?

My training? Coaching and training clients for more than 15 years on four different continents.  Standing on the West End stage in front of 2000 expectant eyes.  Working in teams – real and virtual – around the world looking at what’s preventing them functioning as well as they could.

Clients I have worked with include Deutsche Bank, L’Oreal, Ofgem (the UK energy regulators), the British National Health Service, UBS, ACNielsen, Eli Lilly, Npower and the Turkmenistan President’s Office.

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