Lynn Thair

Why here? Why Now?

My role at Mackie Consulting is in marketing, facilitation and client support.  My career has been a journey of both personal and professional development which has led me to a place where I feel a strong sense of belonging and knowing that I am doing the right job!

My background is in both IT and marketing and I’ve done either one or the other, and sometimes both at the same time, in every job I’ve had over the past 25 years.

I’m ISEB and ITIL qualified and have worked in retail, e-commerce, banking and the music industry. Over the years I have become skilled in managing offshore, onsite and blended teams and have implemented processes and developed strategies for delivering quality work with my teams.

This, together with an interest in personal development and combined with my passion for people and marketing, has led me to into the realms of behavioural change and Mackie Consulting. Here, I can use my IT knowledge as a solid foundation and combine it with a more people-focussed element; whilst also using my creative and marketing skills. What’s not to love?

Baobab TreeI love trees; they tell a story. This one in particular is part of my story. This magnificent baobab is near the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe where I grew up. It’s fondly called “The Big Tree” by the locals and has many of the names of the original villagers carved on it. Driving along the Zambezi, and around the big tree viewing game, was something my family did almost daily. In a rural town, that was my cinema, my trip to the mall. For me it symbolizes family, nature, steadfastness and the beauty of Africa which will always be the home of my heart.