Lucinda Bowen

Lucinda Bowen, London

Lucinda Bowen, London


I believe that through motivation everyone can improve their communication skills; they can present more confidently, sell more effectively and manage with inspiration. I enjoy seeing the changes of behaviour when people have the time to take a step back and look at themselves as others see them. Sharing new skills and different approaches inspires me to get the best out of individuals and teams.

I also feel strongly that the next generation will need to be inspired visually by their leaders. Young people’s expectations are high; they’ve learnt through You Tube, Ted Talks and other social media rather then books. I give back to my local community by volunteering to teach presentation skills to kids in struggling schools so I see first hand the expectation of this next generation, I love to share my tips with them to give them a head start in the business world.


People learn best by doing not just listening so I teach through practical coached exercises and discussion not lecture. In some programmes I use filming so that people can make their own decisions about how they look and sound to others.


I’ve specialised in presentation and communication skills for over 20 years and was originally trained in the United States by one of the leading companies in these areas.

I work internationally and teach all levels of professionals from the top Fortune 500 companies, working with many industries from banking to pharmaceuticals and fashion.  My own experience was in marketing and sales.

My client list is diverse and includes:

GE, Deloitte, Oliver Wyman, Bain and Co, Honeywell, Marriott Hotels, Bank of Mellon NY,  The Conservative Party, Barclays, Coty Prestige, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Panasonic and the NHS.

Having travelled extensively with my job and lived in France for 5 years I’m able to teach all nationalities with empathy and a cosmopolitan approach.

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Cindy Favourite PlaceThis photo is taken on the Thames, near Goring. My favourite place is being on the river. It’s where I feel I can really relax, enjoy the scenery and wildlife and spend time with my family on our boat.