Virtual teams and cross-cultural communication

Technology such as email, voice and video conferencing was supposed to make global teams work together easily and effectively.

Whilst these tech tools may have saved the travel budget, it has added to the challenges of communicating clearly and constructively and getting things done.

If it is difficult to effectively lead or work in a team that sits in the same office, it is hundreds of times more difficult to be part of a team that hardly ever sees each other and which has people working very anti-social hours just to be able to reach each other by phone.

Such teams are becoming increasingly common and we put bespoke programs together that help you to develop “the discipline of distance” by:

  • recognising the impact of differing cultural mind sets on leadership, planning and conflict resolution
  • planning projects that take account of time differences and extended turnaround times
  • developing meetings management techniques that fully engage ALL attendees
  • respecting and understanding different approaches to disagreement and responsibility
  • dealing with conflict and non-delivery constructively
  • using collaboration platforms to share work and access information more effectively