Team building

Team building is always necessary.

Team building is like keeping fit – it’s never done.

Why? Because teams don’t do things because they don’t know what the “right” thing is

They do the thing that carries the least personal risk. Which is actually the right thing in personal survival terms.

To change requires experience of future pleasure that will off-set the imminent pain of doing things differently

And that’s where we come in

We design an experience that allows people to experience the full range of emotions in a safe environment so that they will know what change could look and, even more importantly, feel like.

The challenge is to come up with an activity that allows the group to:

What high performing teams do

This is based on Patrick Lencioni’s model of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

We don’t believe in semi-military team exercises or building rafts, what we do want to do is focus on the emotional aspect of working together.

We want to build awareness

Awareness of how you really feel when put under pressure, not how you think you feel.  Awareness of how the group works – or fails to work – when under pressure. We want to make visible the elements of group behaviour that are not noticed, or not valued, in the hub bub of everyday work.

We create exercises that make people THINK and to:

  • Plan ahead
  • Budget
  • Disagree
  • Prioritize and decide
  • Deal with unexpected events
  • Compete
  • Recognise failure and deal with it
  • Celebrate success

It’s also important that it makes them FEEL

Our exercises develop teams that:

  • Avoid wasting time talking about the wrong issues and revisiting the same topics over and over again because of lack of buy-in
  • Make higher quality decisions and accomplish more in less time and fewer resources
  • Are comfortable asking for help, admitting mistakes and limitations and take risks offering feedback
  • Tap into one another’s skills and experiences
  • Put critical topics on the table and have lively meetings
  • Align the team around common objectives
  • Retain star employees

Does team building solve everything?

No.  But then what would? Team building design should ideally incorporate follow up – buddy systems, feedback loops and coaching. And lots and lots of conscious effort to build on the experience of the “event” to build lasting habits.