Leaders as facilitators

We believe that something extraordinarily powerful happens when managers facilitate workshops or lead training sessions.

It is often more effective and credible, particularly during a period of change within an organisation, for line managers to train their teams or for individuals to train their peers. Leader-led training  opens up two-way communication and generates learning on both sides.

We coach managers in the key skills and strategies needed to develop and deliver effective training. This includes:

  • Understanding the difference between training and learning, between delivery and understanding
  • Building rapport with groups and managing the learning environment
  • Giving and receiving feedback constructively
  • Practising the core skills: listening, observing, questioning and persuading
  • Planning a balanced and effective learning experience
  • Keeping the interest, curiosity and engagement of the group
  • Evaluating what has and hasn’t been learnt
  • Managing difficult situations and challenging trainees