What we believe

For us, organisations are not sets of reporting lines or processes or hierarchies, but groups of people who need to talk to each other.

The quality of those conversations will dictate how motivated, innovative, productive and profitable that organisation is.

We don’t think there’s a multi-million dollar management consultancy practice on the planet that understands your business like you do. You are the experts.

But you might be stuck.  And when individuals are stuck they need a coach to help them examine their thoughts, assumptions and actions. They need a coach to challenge them to find a solution or come to a decision that they would not have reached by themselves.

We see consulting as our way of coaching an organisation

As coaches we don’t write expensive change proposals or re-draw the way an organisation looks. Changing reporting lines, streamlining processes, shuffling the seats at the top table may make it easier for people to have open, constructive dialogue, but it won’t change the majority of communication habits.

It won’t help to build trust.  It won’t miraculously result in people giving open feedback to each other. It won’t make people more decisive or more creative.

We consult with clients to focus on real change, not temporary disruption. We focus on outcomes, not activity.

If you want real, sustainable change with built-in ROI  contact us today.