Managing Change

Managing change and transition is an essential characteristic of effective leaders and their teams.

The more challenging the economic environment, the faster the pace of change and the greater the risk of failure.

How to embed sustainable change

Real change is about the way people think and feel, as well as how they behave.

Resistance to change is normal and to be expected. People feel out of their comfort zone, not sure of what to expect in the future and whether they will be able to adapt.

Managing change and transition evokes feelings of loss and fear

This makes it hard for senior managers to deal with – most did not do degrees in counselling and psychotherapy to get where they did and will need to build their own emotional intelligence skillset to deal effectively with their workforce.

Successful change initiatives have the following elements in common:

  • Establish a sense of urgency
  • Create a powerful guiding coalition
  • Have a long-term, heartfelt vision
  • Communicate that vision in a multi-sensory, multi-channel way
  • Remove obstacles to that vision
  • Systematically plan for and create short-term wins
  • Avoid declaring victory too soon

We provide holistic solutions that really work

Given that so many change initiatives fail, we partner with clients to provide “holistic solutions” designed with the specific aim of really changing key workplace behaviors.  Experience and research evidence show that structured low volume, high impact interventions lead to sustainable results.

We can support you by:

  • offering advice on how and when to communicate change
  • selecting and training “Agents of Change” to keep up the momentum
  • working on keynote presentations for town halls
  • helping senior management develop their leadership and communication skills
  • training teams who need to learn new technical skills or who need to learn to work together for the first time
  • developing feedback loops, forums and surveys

Case Study: Implementing Organisational Change for Global IT