Miracles can happen: Making meetings work for you

Meetings done well can be the key to productivity and wise decision-making.

Meetings done badly can sap our energy and our productivity.

Is it just us, but are meetings getting longer?

And less productive?

Ever wondered what would happen if the meetings you attend or run were shorter and more effective?

This training program is one of our most popular, as it aims to give participants some solid strategies for running and participating in quicker, more effective meetings and conference calls. Participants are invited to pinpoint what does and doesn’t work in meetings and to assess their own contribution and communication style.

This highly practical, thought-provoking workshop covers:

  • Identifying the common pitfalls that lead to lack of satisfaction and results
  • Recognising the importance of preparation and action-oriented agendas
  • Establishing the key skills needed: questioning, listening, creativity and focus
  • Walking the line between flexibility and firmness when chairing
  • Finding the “magic bullet” that everyone cares about
  • Encouraging participation and engagement from attendees
  • Delivering difficult messages whilst protecting relationships
  • Concluding with buy-in and clarity