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Leadership and Team Development Experiences | Quality Conversations

We believe that organisations are not sets of reporting lines or processes or hierarchies, but groups of people who need to talk to each other. The quality of those conversations will dictate how motivated, innovative, productive and effective that organisation is.

Leadership and team development programs often disappoint because they fail to work from the inside out.  We’ve drawn on decades of research that shows that quality reflection leads to quality conversations, which results in committed action.

Location matters

We know that where you gather to learn has a profound impact on the quality of your conversations.  Drawing on research about the impact of being close to nature and away from everyday distractions, we have chosen three locations that are guaranteed to bring out the best in your teams.

How real change happens

We start with the individual – who they are and who they aspire to be.  We only work in small groups, with a ratio of one experienced, accredited coach to every three participants.

We work with the client to tailor  intensive and challenging experiences designed to help teams confront and work through current challenges individually and as a team.  Every program allows teams to:

  • Clarify and agree meaningful group and personal goals
  • Identify and commit to specific actions to achieve these goals
  • Uncover sources of conflict and disagreement
  • Learn how to use disagreement and discomfort constructively
  • Listen to and value each other
  • Build on existing strengths and strengthen trust
  • Leave with renewed energy, commitment and ideas

Time to think

Every day you will work on your own with a coach and intensively with the group.  You will also have the opportunity for facilitated conversations in small groups and plenty of time for personal reflection and goal setting.

The locations we select allow you to focus without distraction on your relationships with each other and gives you invaluable time to work on business priorities.  The experience will close the gap between the theory of what leaders should do and what actually happens i.e. how to really drive collaboration, take greater risks, deal with conflict, politics and turf wars.

How does it work?

We use a three stage process of addressing the challenges of transformation, of overcoming our inbuilt immunity to change.  The stages are:

  1. Awaken: Individuals become aware that there is a different way of making sense of the world and that doing things in a new way is possible.
  2. Unlearn and discern: Old assumptions are analysed and challenged. New assumptions are tested out and experimented with as being new possibilities for one’s day-to-day work and life.
  3. Advance: Occurs after some practice and effort, when new ideas get stronger and start to dominate the previous ones. The new level of development (leadership logic) starts to make more sense than the old one.

These are programs for clients who are serious about change – in their leaders, their teams and their organisations.

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