Campfire Conversations® | United Kingdom

Our preferred location in the UK is Lundy, a small island in the Bristol channel.

Lundy feels remote, but is readily accessible from the London area. Arriving by helicopter strikes a note of difference and drama and signals a shift out of your comfort zone.

The island is car and TV free which enables people to feel away from it all, free to focus on what really matters without day-to-day distractions and bad time management habits intruding. The accommodation is comfortable, but not luxurious, with plenty of private and communal space.

The island itself has been described by a previous participant as, “a crucial part of the Mackie Consulting method – your fourth coach”.

How it works

This is the most intensive, important and unique part of the program.  The group will work with experienced, accredited coaches at a ratio of 3:1.

This means that every day each senior manager will work on their own with a coach and intensively with the group.  There will also be an opportunity for facilitated conversations in small groups and plenty of time for personal reflection and goal setting.

In a remote, challenging location, the group will be encouraged to develop camaraderie whilst working outside their comfort zone. The experience will close the gap between the theory of what leaders should do and what actually happens i.e. how to really drive collaboration, take greater risks, deal with conflict, politics and turf wars.

Day 1:  Your inner game- Who are you as a person and a leader?

  • Learning to listen to yourself and others
  • Taking a risk and building trust
  • Gaining recognition and being heard
  • Recognising patterns of relating
  • Finding your place in the group
  • Agreeing team rules

Day 2:  Your inner game- What’s holding you back?

  • Diving deeper into beliefs, values and drivers
  • Examining organisational and personal power
  • Uncovering fears, assumptions and limiting self-beliefs
  • Recognising what’s not being said

Day 3:  Working through conflict

  • Uncovering your conflict story
  • Responding to stress and de-railers
  • Learning how to have courageous conversations
  • Having conversations that work through conflict in pairs and in the group
  • Agreeing common goals and purpose

Day 4: Engagement and Action

  • Building an energizing personal and team vision
  • Anticipating obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Moving yourself and others from awareness to concrete action plans
  • Agreeing how to hold each other accountable
  • Planning the first thirty days back in the office

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