Accelerate™: Six steps to leadership excellence

Record numbers of employees are disengaged – a sure sign that managers in many organisations are not leading.

The number one reason people leave their jobs is because of a poor boss – someone who probably lacks both effective managerial and leadership skills.

Accelerate™ transforms managers into leaders

The program works because it:

  • Embeds your company values and goals into the process
  • Combines personal coaching with group learning
  • Develops internal mentors to support development, links to company priorities & builds sustainability
  • Focuses on building skills that can be measured and assessed, with clear ROI
  • Builds engagement through connecting high potentials to their passion and purpose
  • Creates emotionally intelligent leaders by developing the “whole person”


Accelerate™: the six steps

Step 1: Setting a sustainable course – aligning vision and values

  • Knowing yourself – developing and practicing EQ
  • Discovering your drivers, motivations and true goals
  • Understanding your place and path in the organisation
  • Identifying your community network
  • Using mindfulness to improve focus and reduce stress
  • Developing a learning mind set and tailored plan

Step 2:  Managing your self and your time

  • Moving beyond to-do lists
  • Identifying de-railers and comfort activities
  • Planning and prioritizing according to strategic goals
  • Focussing on results rather than being busy
  • Learning to say “no”

Step 3:  Speaking persuasively – the leader as role model

  • Developing executive presence
  • Analysing information and distilling the message
  • Painting pictures with words
  • Communicating with passion and purpose
  • Reading the room and meeting audience expectations
  • Thinking on your feet and responding succinctly to Q & A

Step 4: Creating real dialogue – fuelling a learning mindset

  • Developing empathetic listening skills
  • Running action-oriented meetings
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Coaching direct reports

Step 5: Resolving Conflict – courageous conversations

  • Understanding your own conflict style preference
  • Recognising unspoken conflict and learning how to draw out and surface concerns
  • Working with difference and diversity of thinking and communication styles
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence frameworks to understand all sides and find resolution
  • Using negotiation techniques to work through complex disagreement
  • Using coaching and mediation techniques to find genuine resolution

Step 6: Developing Others

  • Understanding extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
  • Working with group dynamics
  • Holding developmental conversations
  • Delegating appropriately
  • Identifying successors and managing performance

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